Safelist Raider Part III

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Get 100s of leads from Safe Lists


What are Safe Lists.

Safe List are different that Traffic Exchanges.


In Safelists you agree to receive emails from other members. You earn credits by opening the emails and clicking the links.


Use these credits to mail to other members.


There is always a way to upgrade for a small fee and not have to open these emails. This upgrade generally lets you email all the members in the exchange. 


Make sure you open another email account when you sign up for these programs. You will get a lot of emails.


How much traffic are we talking about?

The biggest traffic exchange I know of is Herculist. has 196,000 members at the time I wrote this.


Are you feeling it yet?


That warm fuzzy feeling deep inside from making a job killing income?


See you tomorrow! 

Herculist, Mail to thousands everyday!





JC Dean

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