Safe List Raider Part I


  Traffic From Traffic Exchanges. 


What is a Traffic Exchange.


In traffic exchanges you view other peoples ads inside a members area for credits. Credits you can use to get views of your ads.


How much traffic we talking about?


I placed ads a few months ago in just one traffic exchange Leads Leap, never touched them since then I never received less than 900 clicks per ad per 


Traffic exchanges are said to be junk traffic. I assure you they are not. They are full of proven buyers.


Leads Leap has 1,000s of members. 190,000 at the time I wrote this. You can post up to 10 ads. Post for 10 different  programs you are a part of or 10 for the same hustle.


Don't be boring. Shock and aw gets clicks. Here are some samples of my ads.




If you don't want to click ads for credits there is an upgrade. For a small fee your ads will run forever with out you clicking ads.


Test it with the free level and once you see for your self how truly awesome this resource is.


Later you can upgrade to Leads Leap pro so the traffic and the money keeps coming in even forever on complete auto pilot even if you get hit by a bus!






JC Dean

Text 703 209 4563 








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