How to get referrals for the wombat affiliate program.

Hey welcome,


My name is Dean. You ended up here because you expressed interest wombot. Really glad you are here.


Some of you started your free month and some of you are not ready,  That's cool.


Bookmark this page. When you are ready this will help you get sign ups and build your own team if you are interested in the affiliate side of the program.


Side bar.

The training is great in the members area for the business side of this opportunity but a little lacking in the affiliate side. That's why I made these for you.



Here is how I get a constant flow or leads and sign ups.


Free leads from Facebook


Free Leads from Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.


When you do start your free wombot trail get ahold of me right away. I want to get you in our whatsapp group.


Hey if you have questions text me here. 703-209-4563.

Text is better than calling because I get so many spam calls I don't answer.


Don't click here.



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