Safelist Raider News Letter #1


Hey need to show something about Leads Leaps, that I think may help you a lot.


Hopefully you opened you Leads Leap account by now, if you did you could have had 100 views of your offer today.


If you did join Leads Leap you can make bank promoting it. The life time value is over $100 for every one that upgrades; Jus' sayin'


I would  like to tell you about a free funnel that Promotes Leads Leap for you and.............  

  • Forces your leads to send you more leads
  • Then Introduces your leads to your to your primary business for you.

I Know right, wicked awesome.


The Free Funnel I am talking about is called Clicks 2 Profit. It is completely free and you can make money with out every spending money.


The lead capture page looks like this.

Like I said it is completely free from start to finish.


The lead capture page will link to Aweber or Get Response. If you are using something else you can simply make your own lead capture page. Leads Leap has a free autoresponeder by the way.


The incredible part about this free funnel is it will share the leads of your leads with you.


Every Lead your subscriber gets is shared with you. I know right. Amazing!


Then the subscriber goes through several steps to set up their free version of the funnel, and it teaches them how to get free traffic from Traffic Exchanges.


One of the steps in the set up process is that It shows them how to set up and use Leads Leap. It will have your Leads join Leads Leap with your Affiliate Link. 


Many people who join Leads leap will upgrade to pro and you get the commission. Some of them will see how Freaking awesome Leads Leap is and stay for life and you get a monthly commissions forever. 


It goes through the same process and has your lead sign up for a few more traffic exchanges with your affiliate link. 


The final steps of set up will introduce your lead to your main business or affiliate link of your choice.


Clicks 2 Profit is Free, it's Viral, and just plain awesome.



JC Dean

Text 804 742 0162 



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