Traffic Tsunami Part II

Flood your offer with traffic from Facebook groups.


Part I is here if you missed it. 


On Facebook there are literally 1000's of groups that let you post biz op-ads for free. PROVEN BUYERS! 


>>Here is 250 Free-to-post Facebook groups to post your ads and get dozens of leads and sales<<


How much traffic can you get from these free to post groups?


Check out this group for example. Well over 100K members.


This is not hard!


  • You join the groups.
  • Post an ad in 10 or 20 groups a day. Track the winners and losers'. 
  • Respond to people requesting info by instant messenger with your offer.
  • Ka Ching!

About those ads....


The ads don't need to be any thing fancy, just regular posts like this.



Hot Tips

  • I found that the blue post background gets the most request for info. Don't know why. 
  • Keep track of what groups inquiries come from. Cut the losers' and keep the winners.
  • Start a new Facebook profile so as not to bother your friends. Make friends with other marketers. Share their post to build out your time line. Go through their friends and send friend request to them. (instant tribe) 


>>You need a high paying offer!<<



Leads Leap, and easy 1500 clicks per month.

Here is 250 Free-to-post Facebook groups to post your ads


Awesome Sauce

>I saw someone click here once, she seemed to enjoyed it<  


Watch for part III tomorrow!



JC Dean

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