The Side Hustle Newsletter Issue #2


A little side side hustle......  


You know when you join someone's list you pretty much give them permission to send you emails forever.


Who says you can't email them back and pitch your side hustle to them?





But who has the time to email one person at a time?


If only we could automate the process?



Here is what you do.

  • Open a brand new Gmail account.
  • Go to settings
  • Go to more settings
  • Scroll all the way down turn on the vacation responder 
  • Make a vacation message Title; Easy Side Hustle
  • Write something simple in the body like " Here is something that actually converts in traffic exchanges and safe lists"
  • Put your Easy Cash 4 Ads or JV with Frank affiliate link.
  • Fill in the lead capture page with this new address when you are clicking ads in Leads Leap.


Many of these emails addresses are not monitored  but many are. Every time they send you an email they get one back from your vacation responder. 


Kind of gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside thinking about all these extra leads, huh?



In other news:


In the time it took to write this page I was notified of 2 more leads on my autoresponder. If you haven't joined Leads Leap yet you are losing money. Jus' Sayin'



JC Dean

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