OMG! The $100 payments keep flooding in!




From: JC Dean.

To: The Down Trodden.

Subj: The Math of a Day Job Killing Offer.


The only big secret to making a lot of money on the internet is to send traffic to an offer with high earnings-per-click.


It is simple math!


Most anything you promote will convert to a sale 1% to 3% of the time.


I found an offer that consistently converts at 1.5% 


Not great but it pays $100 per sale!!!! (You feel me!)


That makes the earning per click $1.50.


Send 100 visitors a day to an offer that has $1.50 earnings-per-click and it is day job gone! 


Simple Math!


But wait it gets better.


The program I found not only pays $100 per sale it has a two tier payment structure. 


After I promoted the heck out of it for a few weeks I started  receiving $50 payments from my referrals!


These tier 2 payments has my overall earnings-per-click  increasing exponentially!


Simple Math!


I made a guide outlining my success with this secret program. I would like to share it with you.


In this free guide I will show you......

  • The Secret Program that cranks out $100 and $50 payments.
  • How to get access to 200,000 USA biz-op leads, and my secret method to send emails to these leads at NO COST TO YOU!
  • My secret site full of biz-op seekers where you can post ads that stay Forever.
  • My list of over 300 Facebook groups full of biz-op seekers where you can post ads for free.







PS: The bitchin' affiliate lifestyle is for real people, the cars, the vacations, the freedom, all of it! 





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